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David James Elliott stars in Exploding Sun on REELZ

Exploding Sun premieres in the US on Monday, September 9, 2013 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on the REELZ channel.

In Exploding Sun, the first ever commercial space shuttle is struck by a solar storm. The disaster hyper-charges the engine and catapults the ship on a direct course for the sun. But the danger becomes more universal when it’s discovered the event will trigger an infinitely larger solar storm that could send Earth back into the Stone Age. Exploding Sun stars David James Elliott (JAG), Anthony Lemke (Blue Mountain State), Natalie Brown (Being Human) and Emmy Award® winner Julia Ormond (Temple Grandin). It is directed by Michael Robison (Stephen King’s Dead Zone) and written by Jeff Schecter (Strange Days at Blake Holsey High).

David James Elliott as Don Wincroft

Plot Summary: A historic space launch triggers a solar-storm event that could have cataclysmic repercussions for the planet if it isn’t stopped in time—and time is running out.

The world watches in awe as the Roebling Clipper is launched into space. Using state-of-the-art scalar engines to fly around the Moon and back in just hours, the maiden voyage of the first-ever trans-lunar passenger ship is about to make history. Among those on board: First Lady Simone Mathany, space-exploration entrepreneur Steve Roebling, Dr. Denise Balaban, pilot Fiona Henslaw, and a very lucky lottery winner. But while en route, a massive solar flare sparks a cosmic-ray burst that accelerates Aurora’s engine and blows the ship away from Earth’s orbit.  Now out of control, it’s hurtling straight for the sun.

At Mission Control, along with the desperate President Thomas Mathany, an increasingly anxious team of experts puts a plan into motion—an interception by a shuttle attached to the International Space Station. When that ends in disaster, the Aurora only picks up speed. Now being pulled toward the sun at three percent of the speed of light, it’s only a matter of hours before it burns. With that, the scalar engine will trigger cosmic ray bursts, and a giant electromagnetic pulse storm that will blow Earth back into the Stone Age. Now, preparing for the inevitable seems the last—and only—terrifying option.

Exploding Sun is produced by Muse Entertainment and Sonar Entertainment.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

David James Elliott stars in Exploding Sun

Part I of Exploding Sun one of the new disaster movies of 2013 (produced by Muse Entertainment and Sonar Entertainment). airs in the UK on Monday, April 29 on SyFy!  The maiden voyage of the first commercial space shuttle generates a series of solar storms that could send the Earth back into the Stone Age.
Anthony Lemke plays Bakus (left) and Elliott plays Wincroft  @MuseEntertainment

 Talented senior engineer Craig Bakus, must partner up with his adversary Don Wincroft, ex-wife Cheryl Wincroft, and a young communications technician, Reggie Walker, to save the planet when a historic space launch triggers a massive solar storm that could wipeout mankind.
 Elliott as Don Wincroft  @Muse Entertainment

  “There’s a human story here. It’s more than just a disaster film. There are relationship problems, personalities clashing - it’s not just the Earth and the Sun that are clashing. There’s something for everybody.” says Elliott.

Here's the schedule :
Mon.Ap 29 – 9 pm – ON Syfy / Syfy HD
Mon.Ap 29 – 10 pm – ON Syfy + 1
Sat.May 4 – 7 pm – ON Syfy / Syfy HD Sat.
May 4 – 8 pm – ON Syfy + 1

Friday, April 26, 2013

David James Elliott to Emcee at the GIFF on May 8th!

David James Elliott to Emcee at the Canadian Embassy during the GI Film Festival (GIFF)

Mr. Elliott, best known for creating the iconic character Commander Harmon Rabb Jr, in the highly successful one-hour legal drama, JAG, will emcee the  GI Film Festival’s celebration of international warriors at the Canadian Embassy, Wednesday night, May 8thTickets are available now!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

David James Elliott will be the Guest Host for the 9th Annual Salute to the Armed Forces

David James Elliott will be the Guest Host for the 9th Annual Salute to the Armed Forces in St Louis on March 7.  The event is hosted by the USO of Missouri. 

Go here to purchase your tickets or perhaps sponsor a vet who otherwise would not be able to attend...

An evening of honoring our Military with David James Elliott - Can't get any better than that!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

David James Elliott News!

The movie David filmed in 2012 Exploding Sun is coming to the Reelz Channel! Watch the trailer

And also don't forget ~ David will be guest hosting the 9th Annual Salute to the Armed Forces -
USO of Missouri on March 7, 2013.  Get info here.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Want to Honor our Military in JAG style?

The USO of Missouri is excited to announce that David James Elliott, star of the hit series JAG will be the Guest Host of the 9th Annual Salute to the Armed Forces on March 7, 2013.  Join us for a very special evening as we honor local military and their amazing service and dedication.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Why I am a David James Elliott fan...

Trying something a bit different on this blog ... I've been asked so many times ..."Why do you do it?" I decided to try and answer... so here goes ...

So... on 9/22 I am going to chase this group of men up a mountain on an 11 mile obstacle course trying to take photographs. 

Aside from the obvious reason... I mean did you look at those guys?!... you are probably wondering why I would do such a thing. Am I a glutton for punishment? No, actually I don't have a prayer trying to keep up with them – thank God they have short cuts for the 'spectators'. Am I a camera bug looking for that most amazing shot? Well, no on that one too, in fact I am still counting on my son giving me a very speedy tutorial session on his camera that I am borrowing for the trip. So why? To answer that question I need to tell you about a journey that started 12 years ago.

I was on my treadmill one night in April 2000. I was watching the TV show JAG. See, I am a military brat and I married a military brat so the military theme is a welcome one around our home. My father was fighter pilot for the Air Force and my husband's father was a pilot for the Navy. So yes... JAG was a staple in our household. This particular night the episode was “King of the Fleas”. It was a rerun (thank God for the USA network) however I had not seen it before. In the episode, Harm (Harmon Rabb, Jr. played by David James Elliott – yes he is in the photo above, 5th from the left.) is confronted by a veteran in a wheelchair who needs help but is also very arrogant. Typically, Harm had a soft spot for veterans because his father was MIA in Vietnam. (Harm's search for his father was an underlying story arc in the first few seasons of JAG) however on this particular day Harm blows him off until he realizes there is something to his story and decides to help. Rosco, the veteran, has murdered a man he claims was the camp commander at the POW camp he was held in many years ago. As Roscoe starts to understand that Harm's interest is more about what he may be able to tell him about his father instead of listening to his story he plays a very cruel joke on Harm. That's where my story begins.

See – in the show, Harm looks out the window, starring into nothingness as he defends his father. I recognized those faraway eyes – I saw them in the mirror on many a day. I recognized the look, the look of a child; scared yet strong, helpless but hopeful, confused and questioning but at the same time an understanding that couldn't really be understood by such a young child, alone. I stumbled off the treadmill, shaking and sobbing. Memories came flooding over me. Images in my head that were startling and odd but familiar. I cried for hours, remembering the nights before my dad left for Vietnam, his face, his voice, his promises. For weeks after that I was haunted by nightmares; swirling images of Harm's (David James Elliott's) face my dad's face, my Dad's voice promising me he would come home, promising he would not be shot down, Harm's voice my dads face, on and on they went. I struggled with the nightmares. Why were they happening? My dad came home! I had one of the happy endings! So why? I did talk to my mom and dad about them, learned some things I didn't know, apparently I have blocked many of the memories of the year my Dad was gone. But beyond that, I've never really figured anything out. I wish I could say there was some stunning revelation but I can't.

It did, however, lead me on a quest to figure out who this David James Elliott fellow was and how his performance could affect me the way it did. I was not one who had ever been much of a celebrity hound so I really wasn't sure how to go about that although I did realize that the first step was to find out his name. Yes, ashamed to admit, I never paid that close attention to the credits, so up until then I didn't know Mr Elliott's name. So, armed with his name I set out on the internet to find him out. And find him I did! What a presence he and JAG had on the net! Soon that quest to know who he was turned into a quest to meet him. I had a burning question to ask. I knew enough from other actors and from watching some behind the scenes or how it was made type segments etc that actors pull from personal experience when they need certain emotions. I had to know what was in David's past that allowed him to understand me so well. OK so he didn't understand 'me' but you get my drift. It didn't take long before reality reared it's ugly head and I realized that the idea of meeting this TV star was a pipe dream. I lived in Fort Wayne, IN after all. So I set about trying to forget about him and the whole treadmill thing but it wasn't easy because that night on the treadmill he had truly entered my heart and took up residence with a lifetime lease.

A few weeks later I did venture on the net again just to see if there was anything news worthy – there was! David was going to star in a movie titled Dodson's Journey. It was based on a book titled Faithful Travelers by James Dodson. I read the book and it's prequel, Final Rounds. They affected me deeply. Mr. Dodson was telling the story of his father as he battled cancer in the first book and how he dealt with his death in the second. I couldn't have read them at a better time because my dad had just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I wrote Mr Dodson, and he answered. That had never happened before! We even spoke on the phone a few times. What a great and intuitive man! And I am so blessed to have had contact with him for the short time that I did. And all because of one David James Elliott.

In May of 2001, my husband came home from work to say he is going to LA for two weeks for work, did I want to go? I home schooled my kids at that time so we had no responsibilities to keep us in Fort Wayne so, yes! of course I want to go!

I had made contact with a lovely lady at JAG productions named Harriet so I told her of my upcoming trip and she facilitated getting me on the set of JAG to meet David James Elliott. I was walking on air!! And when we met... he was so gracious and so sweet. I am not sure what I expected – arrogance I suppose, he was after all a TV star. I was so taken with him, that my burning question left me and I just enjoyed talking with him and when I left that night I knew I had to see him again. And that I did. This is going to sound nuts too you I am sure – it sounds nuts to me as I write this but 6 months later I flew out to Palm Desert to watch him play in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. At this point I had it bad, and although it wasn't the first time meeting him, I was practically tongue tied. I chastised myself for months after that. But never fear – he played the BHCC again the next year and yes I went and this time I did speak with him. I told him what happened (condensed) and about my father and he was patient with me and then he was tongue tied. Was it possible to adore this man any more than I did??

One very special aspect of this journey are the fellow JAG fans I have connected with. I wasn't so unique after all! Whether it was because of the military connection or the 'hero' aspect of Harmon Rabb, David James Elliott had affected many lives. The stories I heard, from elderly women who saw their young military husbands of earlier years, to Moms that saw their sons that due to 9/11 entered the military, to those that just needed something positive in their life while dealing with a tragedy; Harmon Rabb Jr and David James Elliott filled those hearts. But it didn't stop there... turns out that Dodson's Journey had touched many a heart like mine, and after JAG … there was The Man Who Lost Himself; a movie based on the true story of Terry Evanshen who survived a horrendous car accident but was left with complete memory loss from brain injury. The journey back from an accident like that was portrayed so beautifully by Mr. Elliott. The care and tenderness he put into the character is just another testament to his talent but to the families dealing with that very scary and tremendously difficult situation he was once again a beacon of strength.

I have continued to follow Mr. Elliott's career, JAG and after. I have also continued to follow him around the country whenever he has appeared at a public event that I could get to. Life has changed much in these 12 years and now I am the webmaster of his Official Website. I am thrilled and honored that this man trusts me in that capacity but I am more thrilled that the man I have come to know since that night on the treadmill is worthy of my adoration.

You see, along this journey, I have found a way to give back to those in need. It has been an evolution from attending JAG fanfests to collecting & creating memorabilia that are raffled/auctioned/sold from the website. Over the years I have had so much help from so many different partners that it warms my heart beyond description. Some of the organizations we have given to are The NMCRS, The Red Cross, The Elizabeth Glazier Foundation, and The Wounded Warrior Foundation. Additionally, we created a bursary at The Stratford Festival Shakespeare School (where David's career began) which has been in place for 7 years! In total we have donated over $60,000. I am very proud of that – not only because it is a large sum of money but because it represents dollar by dollar the respect and admiration that a group of women have for a talented actor and a desire to honor him by giving back to others. I am so grateful and blessed from this journey and the people I have met along the way, the friendships that have been created and the lessons that have been learned. I also love the more “whole me” that has emerged. God has such a wonder filled way of giving us what we need when we need it whether we see it or not.

So... all of this leads me back to today. Yes, I am going because of Mr. Elliott... yes, to get photos for the website for his fans to enjoy but once again there is so much more to the 'why'. Somehow this journey is always bigger than he or I.

The group of men pictured above call themselves The Stray Dogs. The event is The Tough Mudder. You have heard of it I am sure. The competitions take place all over the country and the proceeds from the events benefit The Wounded Warrior Foundation. A wonderful organization that does so much for our wounded young men & women fighting for our freedoms. More than that … this year The Stray Dogs have a wounded warrior running the trail with them. His name is Dorian Gardner a Marine Sgt. and he is legally blind. Legally Blind!! Dorian fills me with an inspiration that can't be measured and I can't wait to meet him! Read his story here:

and if you are so moved … support The Stray Dogs by donating to …

Stay tuned … and wish me luck!

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David James Elliott Talks GCB, Paddleboarding, and Life with the guys at Competitor Radio

Take a listen to a great conversation with David James Elliott, Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle from Competitor Radio.  It is about 30 minutes long so sit back and enjoy! Listen Here

Source: Competitor Radio

Shaw TV talks with David James Elliott & Dave Schultz on the set of RUFUS

David James Elliott on the set of his new project "RUFUS"

Lights, Camera, Dundurn
 Vampire film shoots in small town

 By Stephanie McKay, The StarPhoenix

In a small Saskatchewan town, past empty storefronts and Big Mur's Tavern, people mill about the local legion hall on an impossibly warm February day.
There is a still in the air that has nothing to do with the Saskatchewan landscape. All is quiet on the set of Rufus, a new feature film being shot in Dundurn, as the cast films its last few scenes before lunch.
Several people yell "cut" and the crowd disperses, as actor Merritt Patterson runs to throw her arms around her co-star Rory Saper, a huge smile on her face.
A film crew has descended on the town of 600 to shoot the supernatural tale written and directed by Saskatoon filmmaker Dave Schultz (45 RPM, Jet Boy). Shooting began at the end of January and will wrap on the last day of February.
On the zero degree day, Schultz pulls on a cigarette and blesses the weather for being abnormally temperate.
"If it had been a typical Saskatchewan winter, we never would have gotten it shot in 22 days. But that's all we have," he says.
Rufus tells the story of a young boy who arrives in a small town with a great big secret: He's a vampire. Though bloodsuckers have been popular fodder for pop culture recently, the director says he's avoiding vampire stereotypes.
"It's not like there's a Transylvanian or a coven," he says. "Because I don't watch vampire movies I just made up the rules."
Schultz is confident this, his third feature film, is his best yet. He candidly admits it's "a hell of a lot better than 45 RPM." Yet, even though the two films are quite different in both content and quality, according to the director, Rufus marks the end of a trilogy of sorts.
"It's me telling my life story over and over. I kind of think of it like this is the end of my wooden boy trilogy, about a boy trying to be a real kid."
The film is being co-produced by Saskatoon production company Karma Film. It's the company's second feature film shoot in the last three months. A feature called Ferocious was filmed in Saskatoon in December. Calgary's Bruce Harvey, a longtime friend of Schultz's and a producer with Illusions Entertainment, is also working on the film.
Schultz says while it's nice to film where he lives and get the opportunity to go home at the end of a long day, filming in Saskatchewan is extremely pricey. Because there isn't much of an existing film infrastructure in Saskatoon, most crew members have to be flown in. Then there's accommodation costs.
Accommodation and transportation alone is costing the $2.1 million production $150,000.
Harvey says it's important not to take money away from the movie itself to pay for things like hotel rooms. But having enough money to make Saskatoon and area a viable filming destination will take government help.
"The government has to be committed to telling stories from all over the country. I know Telefilm is working very hard to make that happen and SaskFilm is trying to help out, but it's trying to balance what the real cost is versus the subsidies you can get to come and shoot there. It's a money game. We never have enough."
But Dundurn had the perfect small-town look that Schultz was searching for. He says the town's locals, including the mayor, have been great. It's the kind of place where you can knock on the door to ask a neighbour to use a local car in a shot and he turns out to be Big Mur himself.
The film stars U.K. newcomer Saper, a 15-year-old with teen heartthrob potential. The boarding school student was discovered after a casting agent found some short films he and a friend posted to YouTube.
Schultz knew right away the young actor had what he was looking for, even with his limited experience.
"We looked at about 300 kids. It's really tough to find a 15-year-old. Casting agents usually give you someone who is 18, 19," he says. "Rory came in at the last minute and when he walked in, I thought, 'This is the kid.' Of course, the producer is all stressed and says, 'We looked at 300 kids and of course you're going to choose the one that's never acted.'"
When Saper found out he got the role he was totally freaked out, but thrilled. He also needed to figure out where Saskatchewan is.
"My mom and I looked over the map and realized it was a lot bigger than Dave said it was. He said it was this tiny place that no one had heard of, but we found it pretty easily," he says, smiling.
Sitting in a small, nondescript trailer, the shaggy-haired teen is soft-spoken but alive with enthusiasm.
"I'm having the time of my life," he says. "I've been here three weeks and it feels like I've been here a day."
Saper dealt with some bouts of nervousness on the set because it's his first time and he's also had to deal with the challenge of speaking with a brand new set of fangs in his mouth.
"It's so hard to speak. It's ridiculously hard," he says with a laugh.
Saper always thought he might want to become an actor, but his experience on the set of Rufus has solidified his career ambition. When shooting wraps up at the end of the month, Saper will return immediately to school, but hopes more acting opportunities will come his way.
The Rufus cast also includes young Canadian actor Patterson, a pretty brunette who, like her co-star, bubbles over when talking about being on set. The Whistler, B.C. native, who now lives in Vancouver, plays Tracey, the unconventional girl next door who befriends the strange new boy in town. In addition to being excited about the acting opportunity, Patterson is comfy in her character's attire, a long parka and printed Sorels.
"I usually get typecast as the mean girl and have to wear uncomfortable high heels," she says, sitting in one of the sets built in the legion-turned-studio.
Rufus also stars David James Elliott, best known for his starring role on the TV show JAG, and The O.C.'s Kelly Rowan. Saskatoon native Kim Coates makes an appearance, too.
Elliott plays Sheriff Hugh Wade and was attracted to the movie because it wasn't your typical genre flick.
"It had a lot of heart and depth. Also, I'd never been to Saskatchewan and that intrigued me a bit. Now I've been here and I'll never have to come again." he says with a laugh, as the sun beats down on the snowy ground. "It's a harsh environment, not for the faint of heart."
After its theatrical release, Rufus will be shown on Movie Central and The Movie Network.

Source: Star Phoenix

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ET: GCB - Anatomy of a Cast

In the upcoming ABC dramedy, GCB, David James Elliott's character is Ripp Cockburn. Elliott says (of Ripp)  "it's all in the belt."
GCB premiere's March 4th at 10pm 

Friday, November 18, 2011

David James Elliott's new series GCB will air on Sunday's at 10pm beginning 3/4.

ABC announces it's mid-season line-up:
"The Highly anticipated hour, GCB will air on Sunday's at 10pm (replacing Pam Am) following Desperate Housewives.

For the entire line-up go to...

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Photos of David James Elliott by TJ Scott Pictures

Beautiful Amazing photos of David James Elliott by TJ Scott Pictures!

Check them out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011